How to contribute

UNCTAD welcomes contributions to the case law database on the interface between intellectual property and public health. Contributions can be made either by simply sharing a judgment or submitting the summary of a judgment by national courts or regional judicial bodies.

  1. Selection of a judgment:
    • A judgment must substantively concern one of the categories identified in this case law database. Please see  “Browse by categories.”
    • The judgment selected must also be final or one on which no further appeal is expected. Ideally the judgment should be jurisprudentially important.

    Note that you can inquire with us on the importance of a judgment before preparing the summary.

  2. Preparation of a summary:
    • A case law summary should be prepared in English following a structure similar to the summaries uploaded in this case law database. It should also include information on who prepared it.
    • In case of summaries of judgments rendered in other languages, the summaries must have been reviewed for quality control by judicial academies, law schools or other partners.

    You can contact us for any further explanation on the preparation of a summary.

  3. Submission: A full judgment or a summary can be sent to for inclusion on the case law database. Kindly note that UNCTAD retains the right to decide whether to include or not a summary of a judgment in its case law database in accordance with the purpose and objectives of the case law database.
  4. Copyright. Although the authorship of a case law summary will be recognized, copyright of a summary submitted to UNCTAD will be maintained by UNCTAD. All case law summaries in the case law database are made available on open access terms by complying with the Creative Commons license created for intergovernmental organizations, which is available at This means you will be free to use the summary for your own purposes, with reference to the UNCTAD case law database.