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Trade and Development Board, 55th executive session
03 - 10 July 2012
10:00 hrs., Room XXVI, Palais des Nations
Geneva, Switzerland

Key Issues

Activities undertaken by UNCTAD in support of Africa

A report on UNCTAD's activities in support of Africa is prepared every year and presented to an executive session of the Trade and Development Board.
The report provides an overview of the activities of UNCTAD with regard to African development, across UNCTAD's three main pillars of research and policy analysis, technical cooperation including advisory services and inter-governmental deliberations, and across the main thematic sectors that fall under UNCTAD's mandate. The report also highlights, to the extent possible, the impact of such activities, in the region.
This report complements and updates the information in document TD/B/EX(53)/2, which was submitted to the fifty-third executive session of the Board in July 2011.
Under this agenda item, a panel will be convened on "The New Partnership for Africa's Development: Performance, challenges, and the role of UNCTAD", in light of the tenth anniversary last year of the adoption and implementation of NEPAD.
Mr Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, Chief Executive Officer of the NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency will be a keynote speaker at the meeting.
The panel will focus on the following issues:
  • What are the challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned in the implementation of NEPAD?
  • What is needed to accelerate progress in achieving the objectives of NEPAD and how can UNCTAD assist?
  • How can the UN system strengthen collaboration, coherence and coordination in providing support to NEPAD?
  • What should be the role of African Regional Economic Communities and other local stakeholders in the implementation of NEPAD?
An interactive discussion will follow.




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