Training workshop for trade and transport actors on incoterms, transport contracts, costing and insurance in the road transport sector

25 - 27 enero 2023
Sopatel Slimande Hotel
, Burkina Faso

This capacity building workshop for sub-regional trade and transport actors is part of the activities of the UNCTAD project on transit, transport and trade facilitation in West Africa for better participation to global value chains and global trade. The event is organized in collaboration with the National Implementation Unit of the Enhanced Integrated Framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The workshop responds to a request from key players in Niger, Benin and Burkina Faso regarding the contractual framework for road transport, insurance issues and the conditions for purchasing imported products.

The objective is to raise awareness, inform, train, and empower operators by sharing knowledge and driving change towards professionalization of the transport sector. It is aimed primarily at transporters of goods, their representative professional organizations, importers and exporters in West Africa and public authorities involved in sub-regional road transport.

The training will cover:

  • Types of Incoterms (Multimodal Incoterms, Maritime Incoterms, etc.) and lessons learned.
  • Conditions and nature of the Uniform Act of OHADA relating to the contract for the transport of goods by road of March 22, 2003, including, the definition of the parties to the transport contract, their rights and obligations, the scope of the contract for the transport of goods by road and the disputes management and their compensation (loss, damage and delay).
  • Different types of transport contracts and the different cost elements to help calculate the cost price and the profit margin when negotiating a contract for the transport of goods by road.
  • Essential elements of insurance contracts in the road transport and freight forwarding sector (traffic, civil and contractual liability, insurance of transported goods) and the negotiation of the most important clauses to make insurance in the sector more efficient and less costly.

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Burkina Faso, National Implementation Unit of the Enhanced Integrated Framework of the WTO for LDCs
Sponsor / funding:
West Africa Project

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