We believe good policy drives progress. By providing evidence-based policy analysis, we help countries to improve economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Our research provides authoritative data and analysis on trade, investment, finance and technology. And it offers solutions to the major challenges facing developing countries, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable nations.

Beyond tailored analysis and policy recommendations, our research has also generated global standards that govern responsible sovereign lending and borrowing, investment, entrepreneurship, competition and consumer protection and trade rules.



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Flagship reports

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From global pandemic to prosperity for all: avoiding another lost decade
Report image
International Production Beyond the Pandemic
Report image
Productive capacities for the new decade

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Tackling Illicit Financial Flows for Sustainable Development in Africa
Report image
Shipping times of the Covid-19 pandemic
Report image
Value Creation and Capture: Implications for Developing Countries

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Catching technological waves: Innovation with equity
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Commodity Dependence, Climate Change and the Paris Agreement

Latest publications

World Investment Report 2021 (Overview)
UNCTAD/WIR/2020 (Overview) - 21 juin 2021
World Investment Report 2021
Investing in sustainable recovery
UNCTAD/WIR/2021 - 21 juin 2021
Trade and Gender Linkages: An analysis of Least Developed Countries
Teaching Material on Trade and Gender: Module 4E
UNCTAD/DITC/2021/1 - 08 juin 2021
Global Trade Update (May 2021)
UNCTAD/DITC/INF/2021/2 - 19 mai 2021