National workshop on the legal framework for road transport and transit for Burkina Faso

23 janvier 2023
08:30 - 18:00 hrs. Sopatel Slimande Hotel
Burkina Faso

This workshop is part of the activities of the Facilitation of transit, transport and trade in West Africa for better value chain participation project. The event has been organized in close collaboration with the World Bank's Trade Facilitation for West Africa (TFWA) Program and the National Implementation Unit of Burkina Faso under the Enhanced Integrated Framework.

The workshop presents the findings of the study on border crossing at Cinkassé and the status of activities on the role of SIGMAT in transit facilitation and its implementation.

It also presents the findings and the recommendations of the study that has been shared with the Ministry of Transport and related stakeholders, including customs representatives, transport associations, and the Ministry of Commerce, etc. The consultations with national authorities aimed at serving as a framework to carry out reforms of the legal framework on cross-border transport issues.

An in-depth analysis of a new additional Act elaborated by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to create a Common Transit System (système de transit communautaire) has been carried out. The consultations held during the workshop aimed at identifying the possible ways and means to ensure its effective implementation by the beneficiary countries. In addition, the analysis contains concrete proposals aimed at integrating progress and implementation within the framework of the SIGMAT program and the introduction of a mechanism for the management of transit guarantees.

Burkina Faso, National Implementation Unit of the Enhanced Integrated Framework of the WTO for LDCs
Sponsor / funding:
West Africa Project

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