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Regional Dialogue on Promoting Services Development and Trade in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)
12 - 13 November 2013
Room Raul Prebish, ECLAC
Santiago de Chile, Chile

Key Issues


This Dialogue aims to bring together stakeholders from different countries and regions within LAC and various development partners and donors to (i) exchange views on the topic of promoting services sector development and trade-led growth, and (ii) identify elements of a LAC agenda relating to policy-making and trade negotiations in services.

Participants will:
a) Share information about emerging trends and challenges that the region is confronting with regard to development and trade promotion of services.
b) Share national and regional experiences in connection with capacity building and trade in services, identifying best practices in the region
c) Share findings and lessons learnt from on-going projects aimed at creating capacity and trade in services in the region and
d) Identify areas of interest and priority for the region for research and capacity building activities to promote services sector development and services trade.

The specific issues that this Regional Dialogue will cover include:
- Achieving sustainable development and job creation through the services sector
- Designing strategies for services sector development at the national level
- Tackling the challenges of policy formulation and implementation
- Enhancing stakeholders involvement in services policy making and negotiations
- The landscape of services trade and cooperation initiatives for increased services trade in LAC
- An agenda for services development and trade in the LAC region
- Partnerships to promote the services supply and export capacity

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Co-organized with:The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean (UNECLAC); the Latin American Economic System (SELA); and the University of Chile
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