Empretec - Entrepreneurship global network

Empretec - Entrepreneurship global network


EMPRETEC is a flagship capacity-building programme of UNCTAD for the promotion of entrepreneurship and micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) to facilitate sustainable development and inclusive growth.

Empretec programme stands for:

  • A strong global network of national Empretec centres who provide supporting services to entrepreneurs, including vulnerable groups, with a focus on developing countries.
  • National centres with strong governmental links who contribute to policy advice.
  • The delivery of the unique Entrepreneurship Training Workshop on entrepreneurial skills building.
  • 34 years of entrepreneurship promotion experience - with a worldwide network of over 500'000 trained entrepreneurs named empretecos.

Empretec is recognized by United Nations General Assembly resolutions since 2012 as a tool for sustainable development of entrepreneurship.