E-commerce and Digital Economy: What next?

18 avril 2016
14:00-15:45 hrs., Room XXIII

E-commerce and Digital Economy: What next?
organized by
WTO Secretariat
E-Commerce Week 2016

Businesses large and small face a myriad of challenges conducting global on-line business and trade. For many of them, Internet and mobile networks are integral to the fabric of their global activities.

Yet, they operate in a world where most national and international legal frameworks were not designed with today's technologies in mind, nor in recognition of the vast business and economic opportunities that they have made possible. More recently, it seems that success has wrought even more, new challenges to doing business on-line.

We will ask a panel of businesses and experts to share with us some examples of regulatory obstacles, idiosyncrasies and anachronisms they experience in their day-to-day operations.

The aim is to help better understand what governments can do to unleash e-trade and innovation as a means to regaining sustainable growth and economic development.



Harsha Singh, Deputy Director General, WTO

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