We assist African countries to achieve sustainable development by providing policy advice, technical assistance and mobilizing international support for the continent.

Economic Development in Africa Report


This annual report analyses major aspects of Africa's development problems and policy issues of interest to African countries.

It makes policy recommendations for action by African countries themselves and by the international community to overcome the development challenges that the continent faces.



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Report on activities in support of Africa

Activities in Favour of Africa

Every year, the Trade and Development Board considers a report on our activities in support of Africa.

The document provides an overview of our research and analysis on African development issues and a summary of specific activities - such as advisory services and technical cooperation - in different areas of work within its mandate.


Documents and publications

Le corridor de la route transsaharienne - Vers un corridor économique : Commercialisation et gestion de la route transsaharienne
Towards an Economic Corridor: Commercializing and Managing the Trans-Saharan Road
UNCTAD/TCS/DTL/INF/2022/2 - 25 oct 2022
Rapport 2022 sur le développement économique en Afrique (résumé)
UNCTAD/ALDC/AFRICA/2022 (Executive summary) - 14 Juil 2022




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