1st Training of the National Green Export Review of Angola under the EU-UNCTAD joint Programme of Support for Angola: Train for Trade II

11 - 22 juin 2018

​The first NGER training workshop in Angola will take place from 11 to 22 June 2018.

It will use the Baseline Study of the National Green Export Review, which has been prepared by UNCTAD as a didactic guide and source of references for this training. The Baseline Report of the National Green Export Review serves as a step-by-step manual for analysing the Angolan economy.

It aims to guide participants in a process that involves the identification, understanding and development of potentially competitive green sectors in the Angolan economy. The training material was developed in order to facilitate an in-depth understanding of the positive environmental and economic externalities that green sectors generate and the development of familiarity with the different policy options to support the development of green sectors and related value chains.

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11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018
Sponsor / funding:
European Union / União Europeia

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Delegation of the European Union to Angola / Delegação da União Europeia em Angola



2018-05-30_EU.pngMinistry of Commerce / Ministério do Comércio 




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