What we do

The DMFAS Programme offers countries a set of proven solutions for improving their capacity to handle the day-to-day management of public liabilities and the production of reliable debt data for policy-making purposes. This includes its specialized debt management software, the DMFAS – which greatly facilitates the work of the debt office - as well as advisory services and training activities in debt management.

The solutions we provide
• A specialized debt management and financial analysis software (DMFAS) designed to meet the operational, statistical and analytical needs of debt managers and bodies involved in elaborating public debt strategies, and training in its use;

• Advisory services, including needs assessments and advice on technical, administrative, legal and institutional debt management issues, assistance in software installation and maintenance;

Capacity-building in debt data validation, statistics, debt portfolio analysis and procedures.


For more information on the DMFAS Programme, see the brief description of the DMFAS Programme: