Our staff

Marcelo Abalos
Systems Team Leader

John Barrozo
Computer Programmer

Karen Bihr
Project Manager

Anne Bouchet
Programme Assistant

Cecilia Caligiuri
Regional User Representative (Buenos Aires)

Gavin Costello
Computer Programmer

Hélène Fabiani
Documentation Expert

Rubén Guillén Velásquez
Computer Programmer

Khaled Ibrahim
User Representative

Manuela Jander
Project Manager

Roula Katergi
Quality Assurance and User Support Team Leader

Aurélie Legrand
Project Manager / Communication Officer

Vanessa Millard
Project Manager

Ricardo Murillo
Project Manager

François Oyharçabal
Knowledge Management Officer

Gabor Piski
Project Manager

Ximena Renault
Secretary to the Chief

Catalina Soare
Programme Assistant

Amine Tahri
System Assistant Officer

Gerry Teeling

Siddhartha Tuladhar
Programme Officer

Mark Willis
Project Management Coordinator

Gilberto Zabala-Peña
Information Systems Officer