Our financing

The resources of the DMFAS Programme come from four main sources:

  • Donors’ contributions
    The core activities of the DMFAS Programme, such as such as the development and the maintenance of the DMFAS system, the technical support to DMFAS users, the development of capacity building modules, the coordination with DMFAS Programme stakeholders and other activities are financed through a multi-donor multi-year central trust fund. Currently, the Programme’s donors include Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland as well as the European Union.
  • Cost-sharing by the beneficiary countries / institutions
    The DMFAS Programme generates a part of its resources for the DMFAS central trust fund from cost-sharing with beneficiaries. Institutions using the DMFAS Programme support the financing of the Programme by paying an annual maintenance fee and a one-in-a-time development contribution.
  • Country-specific funding to Project Trust Funds
    Specific country activities (i.e. those that deliver the core products and services at the country level) are financed on a bilateral basis by ad-hoc country trust funds, to be used for the implementation of capacity-building activities in the country concerned, as per the project document that each country-project trust fund relates to. The different sources of financing for country-project trust funds are the beneficiaries themselves, bilateral donors, and other international organizations and institutions such as UNDP, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and the African Development Bank. An increasing number of middle-income countries are fully financing their national projects, paying directly for the products and services delivered by the DMFAS Programme.
  • Support from UNCTAD
    UNCTAD supports the DMFAS Programme by financing five posts and a part-time position from its regular budget, including key management posts.