Our achievements

Since its inception, the Programme has provided country assistance to 110 institutions in 72 developing countries. The Programme pays particular attention to helping countries produce clearly identifiable outputs through tailor-made technical assistance projects.

The current strategic plan of the DMFAS Programme focuses on the delivery of technical assistance in its areas of comparative advantage, the downstream areas of debt management, considered as being the foundations for effective debt management.

At the end of 2019, 84 institutions in 57 countries actively use the DMFAS software for their day-to-day debt management operations. Concrete and sustainable results include improved debt coverage, enhanced transparency and reporting, improved operational risk management and greater integration with public finance management. Tangible results at the end of 2019 comprise:

Improved debt coverage:

  • 95 per cent of DMFAS user countries had comprehensive and reliable debt databases in respect of government and government-guaranteed external debt
  • 67 per cent of DMFAS 6 user institutions responsible for domestic debt were using DMFAS to capture it
  • 16 central banks monitoring private external debt using DMFAS

​Enhanced transparency​ and reporting ​​
  • 41 DMFAS user countries regularly publish statistical bulletins 
  • 93 per cent of low- or middle-income DMFAS user countries reported effectively to the Debtor Reporting System of the World Bank
  • 65 per cent of DMFAS user countries were participating in the IMF-World Bank Quarterly External ​Debt Statistics database (QEDS), 86 per cent of which provided data on time
  • 26 DMFAS user countries regularly produce a debt portfolio analysis
    statement from the Philippines Egyptian statement

Improved operational risk management 
  • 25 DMFAS user countries having an up-to-date procedures manual for back office operations
  • 21 DMFAS user countries reported effective disaster recovery plans for the DMFAS database

Greater integration with public finance management

  • 25 DMFAS user institutions have linked the DMFAS database with other integrated systems

For more results also see the SDG Pulse - UNCTAD DMFAS Programme

The DMFAS Programme is proud and honored to be associated with the success of countries in improving their capacity in managing their debt as evidenced by concrete outputs they are producing. 

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