Our Strategic Plan

The DMFAS Programme follows four-year strategic plans, based on a performance framework which clearly states the outputs, activities and indicators of achievement for each of the Programme’s objectives​.

The new 2016-2019 DMFAS strategic plan establishes a forward-looking program for the DMFAS Programme to deliver high quality, very relevant technical assistance to developing countries in response to their debt management needs over the four-year period 2016-2019.

The plan builds on the success and lessons learned of the Programme's previous strategic plan, and addresses recent and expected developments in debt management. It also takes account of the recommendations of recent external evaluations of the programme and the recommendations of the DMFAS Advisory Group.

 The focus is on the areas for which DMFAS has a clear comparative advantage and the proven capacity to achieve sustainable results. Focusing on capacity development in the 'downstream' areas of debt management (recording, validation, operations, reporting and statistics and facilitating debt analysis) is designed to complement and support the work of other providers who concentrate on 'upstream' debt management (debt sustainability analysis, debt strategy). These downstream areas can be considered 'the Foundations of Effective Debt Management' because they are pre-requisites for the other debt management functions to perform effectively.  
Seven priorities are defined, in line with the programme's comparative advantages and the most critical needs of countries.
  1. Building more effective and efficient framework for capacity development; 
  2. Expanding scope and coverage of debt data;
  3. Adding support for key Front Office functions;
  4. Increasing support for Operational Risk Management; 
  5. Improving debt reporting and availability of information;
  6. Increasing cooperation with other providers; 
  7. Improving programme's financial sustainability.

    The overall development objective is to strengthen governments' capacity to manage their debt effectively and sustainably, in support of poverty reduction, development and good governance.  
Overview of the 2016–2019 DMFAS Strategic Plan

Previous DMFAS Strategic Plans: