Strengthening DMFAS implementation in the Republic of Armenia

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DMFAS 6 training in Armenia, June 2023

Wishing to fully benefit from the DMFAS system in its ability to support back, middle and front-office debt management for both domestic and external debt management, the government of Armenia recently completed comprehensive new training activities.  

The training was addressed to an expanded group of users and IT experts within the Ministry of Finance and included three weeks of customized functional training, 2 weeks of debt data validation training and 2 weeks of IT technical training for new IT staff. 

On the technical side, results include installation of the latest version of DMFAS (6.2), workstations configured for DMFAS and IT staff trained in the maintenance and support of the system. On the functional side, 18 government debt and finance officers were trained and are now able to use all of the DMFAS system’s modules and functions for their daily work (data entry modules, reporting and analysis).  

DMFAS 6 training in Armenia, June 2023The data validation training resulted in the drafting by the workshop participants of a Debt Data Validation Procedures Manual for the Public Debt Management Department, that includes information/document workflow, selected validation checks and a validation calendar. This manual provides the MoF debt staff with the methodology for conducting systematic and regular debt data validation to ensure that the database is reliable at all times.  

All training took place in June and July 2023 and were organized through a technical cooperation project, financed by the Asian Development Bank. 

‘It was our pleasure to work with so highly professional, patient and dedicated experts.’ 

Marine Melikyan, Head of Accounting and Servicing Division, Public Debt Management Department, Ministry of Finance, Republic of Armenia