The new user documentation supplement on DMFAS 6 MTDS module is available in the Client area of the website. Learn how to prepare the debt data required as an input in the MTDS analytical tool.


The new issue of the DMFAS newsletter is now online in English, French and Spanish. Welcome Equatorial Guinea to the DMFAS community and learn about activities with Lao PDR, Palestine, Yemen as well as with ESCWA and MEFMI. Read also about the new DMFAS 6.2 release. 


The new DMFAS 6.2 release includes enhancements to existing features and new functionalities, including additional nominal value calculations for 4 types of debt securities, new code for DSSI terms, new reference rates and the MTDS interface. The release note and the instructions are available in English, French and Spanish in the Client area.


The 2021 Annual Report of the DMFAS Programme is now available. Click more to read about the work implemented by the Programme in 2021.


All the 25 fact sheets on basic debt concepts are now availabe in the client area in English and in French. New facts sheets include understdanding debt stocks and flows and loan mobilization and debt service. You can download them from the client area.


The Debt Data Quality Assessment Framework (Debt- DQA) jointly developed by COMSEC and DMFAS is now available in the client area of the website. The framework will help countries assessing and identifying data errors and information gaps in the debt databases.