Annual joint DMFAS-MEFMI workshop in Uganda

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Joint DMFAS-MEFMI workshop 2023


As part of the long-standing cooperation, UNCTAD DMFAS Programme and the Macroeconomic and Financial Management Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa (MEFMI) organized a regional workshop from 27 November to 01 December 2023 in Kampala, Uganda.

The objective of the workshop was to introduce participants to the Debt Data Quality Assessment (Debt DQA) framework, present DMFAS 7 and train participants in DMFAS 6.2 new features. Twenty participants from Angola, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe took part in the workshop. 

“The collaboration between MEFMI and UNCTAD has fostered prudent debt management in MEFMI countries” said Mr. Ramathan Ggoobi, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development in Uganda. 

“Debt data is the cornerstone for debt management operations, and its quality is of great importance in guiding debt management policy” Mr. Ramathan Ggoobi added.

Participants learned about the Debt-DQA framework and tool, and applied them during a practical exercise on a training database during which they analyzed and interpreted the scores to draw conclusions on the quality of this database. They found the Debt-DQA tool to be very useful for appraising the quality of a database.

In parallel, the workshop introduced the participants to DMFAS 7 with the objective of creating awareness of the new requirements, its new features, and the benefits of the new version. This new version was very well received, in particular its intuitive interface and much improved reporting and analysis functionalities. Participants could easily navigate through the different sections, register a new loan and related mobilization and debt service operations, as well as generate complex reports using the new reporting tool of DMFAS 7. The elaboration of complex user-defined reports on DMFAS 7 in particular created excitement among participants, due to the friendliness and simplicity of the reporting features of this new version. 

Finally, participants learned about new DMFAS 6.2 functionalities, in particular for the calculation of nominal value for debt securities as well as the interface to prepare the data for the Medium-Term Debt Strategy (export to MTDS tool through the creation of “stylized” instruments).