Debt and Development Finance
UNCTAD, through its Debt and Development Finance Branch (DDFB), works on analytical issues technical assistance, primarily in the areas of external and domestic debt.
UNCTAD began working on debt issues during the 1970s. As the debt situation of developing countries has evolved over the following three decades, DDFB has provided up-to-date analysis of the most important developments and emerging issues in international debt, and adapted its technical assistance to the changing needs of developing countries.


21 November 2019Soaring debt burden threatens global goals, experts warn
11 July 2019Debt levels in developing countries heighten vulnerability
07 November 2018Microcredit condemned in 'definitive' book on what went wrong
07 November 2018Debt sustainability in developing countries is deteriorating fast
03 May 2018Debt warning lights flash for poorest countries, experts say
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DMFAS Programme Annual Report 2017 (UNCTAD/GDS/DMFAS/2018/1)
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