Intermediate DMFAS 6 training and supervision of the database creation in Djibouti

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As part of the technical assistance project between the Ministry of Economy and Finance in charge of Industry, and UNCTAD, the DMFAS Programme conducted in September 2023 a mission at the Public Debt Department (PDD) with the dual objective of, on the one hand, continuing training in the use of DMFAS 6 through the consolidation of the knowledge acquired by debt managers during the first training and, on the other hand of providing support for the continuation of recording of the database.

During the intermediate DMFAS 6 training, users from the PDD reviewed the basic principles of using the software and delved deeper into different modules, particularly on Reports (including validation reports) and in recording debt data in the Administration, Mobilization and Debt Service modules. During the hands-on exercises, the knowledge acquired was applied to the specific instruments of the Djibouti debt portfolio. A database administrator from the ministry provided IT support throughout the activity.

Djibouti DMFAS 6 training At the same time, under the supervision of the DMFAS expert, the DDP debt officers continued the recording of debt instruments in the DMFAS database which had started in June 2023. The participants also carried out a series of checks in order to ensure the quality of the recorded data (consolidation with creditors' data, identification and correction of errors, etc.)

Finally, a first draft of a local user manual was produced during training with DDP managers.

The next activity, training in advanced functions of DMFAS 6, is planned for February 2024.