DMFAS 7 beta testing in Jordan

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At the end of September, DMFAS 7 was installed for the first time in a user country. The Ministry of Finance of Jordan hosted the first beta testing of the new software. 

Over three weeks, the installation processes and the functionalities of release 1 of DMFAS 7 were tested by a team of DMFAS users of the Public Debt Department of Jordan and DMFAS Programme experts. 

The national debt database was converted prior to the testing mission to the new format, and upon arrival, the software and converted database were installed in a dedicated testing environment set up by the Ministry of Finance of Jordan. 

DMFAS 7 beta testing in JordanAfter installation, an introduction to the new version was provided to the management and a team of users and of the Public Debt Department. 

With the support of the local team and under the coordination of the DMFAS Programme experts, the key functionalities of the new version were comprehensively tested in a real-world environment. Testing results were documented together with suggested enhancements. The beta-testing exercise demonstrated the significant benefits of the new version for countries, including 

  • The broader coverage of public debt ; 
  • The dashboard with the 3 profiles, including the managerial view; 
  • The comprehensive analytical tools particularly for Debt Portfolio Analysis, debt indicators and support for the World Bank Debt Sustainability Framework and the Medium-Term Debt Strategy tools. 
  • The very user-friendly and intuitive user interface ; 
  • The much improved and very easy to use reporting functions and the ability to produce graphs.

The Ministry of Finance welcomed the broadened scope of debt coverage to include general government debt and the alignment with international statistics’ standards.

« DMFAS 7 directly responds to our plan to expand the scope of reporting to cover General Government, and greatly facilitates the creation of reports” said the Director of the Public Debt Department. 

Users expressed a high level of appreciation with the much-enhanced analytical and reporting tools and the user-friendly and intuitive interface which they considered will empower the staff of debt management offices and alleviate the challenges of staff turnover. 

The authorities emphasized that the new version will reinforce the role of the DMFAS as the single source of reliable and comprehensive debt data for internal and external debt reporting and will thus help to strengthen debt management and debt transparency. 

“We are very pleased to be first in the region with DMFAS 7. DMFAS is a key tool to provide assurance on the reliability of the debt figures” said the Secretary General. 

The DMFAS Programme warmly thanked the Ministry of Finance of Jordan for its excellent support offered during the mission. 

The distribution of DMFAS 7 will start mid-2024. Should you wish to receive a proposal for upgrading/adopting DMFAS 7, please contact your DMFAS project manager or send a message to

DMFAS 7 beta testing in Jordan