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News from the DMFAS Community

The DMFAS Programme is modernizing its newsletter. Below you will find highlights of the latest DMFAS news with links to full articles. Enjoy the reading! 

Enrique Cosio Pascal

Goodbye Enrique

Enrique Cosio-Pascal, former Chief of the DMFAS Programme and world known expert in debt management, passed away in New York during the last  weekend of April 2020.
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DMFAS support during the COVID 19 crisis

The DMFAS Programme is fully operational and continues to serve all its clients with no disruption of services. See the details !

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COVID debt

Why debt management is important in times of crisis

New financial vulnerabilities and increased risks of debt distress resulting from the COVID-19 crisis reinforce the need for effective debt management as a key component of Public Financial Management.

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DMFAS upcoming events

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all DMFAS missions are suspended until further notice.

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