DMFAS newsletter - Winter 2021-2022

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The DMFAS Programme sends you its best wishes for 2022

Debt Portfolio Analysis Workshop in Burkina Faso

The DMFAS Programme organized a two-week workshop in November 2021 on debt statistics and an introduction to debt portfolio analysis at the Treasury of Burkina Faso, in the framework of the World Bank financed project for the  implementation of DMFAS 6. Continue reading.

Strengthening debt management in Burundi

Within the framework of a new technical cooperation project between the DMFAS Programme and the Ministry of Finance of Burundi, DMFAS conducted training activities at the Direction de la Dette in Bujumbura between July and December 2021. Continue reading.

Cooperation with MEFMI

The UNCTAD DMFAS Programme and MEFMI have been actively cooperating in the area of public debt management for many years. Of the 14 MEFMI member countries, six are active DMFAS users, namely Angola, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Continue reading.

Training for upgrading the Debt-IFMIS interface in Ethiopia

A technical assistance project is ongoing between the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation of Ethiopia and UNCTAD, aimed at strengthening debt management and Public Finance Management capacity. Continue reading.

DMFAS 6 replaces 5.3 at the Ministry of Finance in Egypt

In the framework of a technical assistance project funded by the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs of Switzerland (SECO), the Ministry of Finance of Egypt has successfully upgraded to DMFAS 6 for the management of domestic debt and on-lending operations. Continue reading.

Azerbaijan data validation workshop

With the support of the DMFAS Programme, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan is implementing DMFAS 6 to strengthen debt management practices in the country. Continue reading.

DMFAS upcoming events

  • January: Kyrgyzstan DMFAS 6 installation and technical training
  • January-February: Philippines data validation workshop
  • March: Lao PDR data validation workshop

Consult DMFAS  forthcoming activities in the DMFAS website.

This newsletter is produced by the DMFAS Programme with the support of the following donors: France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the European Commission