Civil Society Forum: Day 2

Civil Society Forum: Day 2
23 September 2021
13:30 - 18:20 hrs. (CEST) / 07:30-14:20 hrs. (AST)
Virtual Conference Centre, Frangipani Auditorium


13:30–15:45 (CEST)
07:30–09:45 (AST)

Trade, technology and development reframing the discourse

The plenary session will focus on:

  • The role that UNCTAD could play in exploring strategies that could shift the centre of economic activities of Southern countries towards the national and regional.
  • Reframing trade agreements and international cooperation to advance economic structural transformation.
  • Building local economic resilience through technology justice.


  • Ms. Susana Barria, Public Services International
  • Mr. Parminder Jeet Singh, Senior Fellow, IT for Change
  • Ms. Sanya Reid Smith, Legal Adviser and Senior Researcher, Third World Network
  • Mr. Adam Wolfenden, Trade Justice Camapigner, Pacific Network for Globalization
  • Ms. Sofia Scasserra,Associate Researcher, Transnational Institute
  • Ms. Jane Nalunga, Expert on trade, tax and investment related issues, SEATINI


  • Ms. Deborah James, Coordinator, Our World Is Not For Sale


  • Ms. Sandra Massiah, Member of the International Civil Society Facilitation Committee of the UNCTAD15 Civil Society Forum

16:00–18:20 (CEST)
10:00–12:20 (AST)

Systemic reforms for fiscal space

The plenary session will focus on systemic reforms (including economic governance reforms) that can ensure adequate fiscal space for Southern countries to pursue their development pathways, including:

  • Global acceptance of vulnerability as a key trigger for accessing debt relief, concessional finance, ODA, and special facilities in trade and financial agreements.
  • Debt & Human Rights, debt sustainability, and reform of the international financial architecture and governance systems.
  • Achieving equity and transparency in international tax governance/regulation, while protecting against illicit flows; and
  • Fostering South-South cooperation by harnessing financial and investment opportunities between developing countries.


  • H.E. Mr. Khalil Hashmi, Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations and other International Organizations in Geneva
  • Mr. Dereje Alemayehu, Executive Coordinator, Global Alliance for Tax Justice
  • Mr. Anisuzzaman Chowdhury, Public Services International
  • Mr. Christopher Sinckler, Caribbean Policy Development Centre
  • Ms. Lidy Nacpil, Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development
  • Mr. Mandkhaitsetsen Urantulkhuur, Centre for Human Rights Development


  • Ms. Shantal Munro-Knight


  • Mr. Stefano Prato, Member of the International Civil Society Facilitation Committee of the UNCTAD15 Civil Society Forum


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