COP23 Side Event: Raising the Ambition of Climate Action through Circular Economy Strategies

15 November 2017
02:15 - 03:45 hrs. Meeting Room 4
, Germany

​Effective climate action requires tapping renewable sources of both energy and materials, and extracting from them the most societal value and utility. That’s because around 67% of global greenhouse gas emissions is related to material management. Taking Europe as an example, 95% of the product thus produced is waste after just one use-cycle.

Practice shows that applying circular economy concepts opens new greenhouse gas mitigation options, which to date are mostly unexplored yet crucial to honour the Paris commitments.

This side event explores how we can align climate policy, the architecture of the Paris Agreement and climate finance to tap the potential of circular economy concepts, while contributing to the economic development and low-carbon growth ambitions of developing countries.

Ms Isabelle Durant, Deputy Secretary-General UNCTAD.

Segment 1:
Introduction to circular economy concepts and how they can contribute to increasing the ambition of collective climate action towards the 1.5⁰C target.
Speakers and panellists:
Vintura Silva, Massamba Thioye (UNFCCC), Jelmer Hoogzaad (Shifting Paradigms), Matthieu Bardout (Circle Economy), Rei Tang (Stanley Foundation), Felix Preston (Chatham House), Ellen Macarthur Foundation, and Amal-Lee Amin (IDB).

Segment 2:
Practical experience from developing countries with identifying and implementing circular economy strategies towards low-carbon development.
Speakers and panellists: with Case studies and initiatives from Laos, Kenya, China, and India.

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UNCTAD, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNDP, IDB, Circle Economy, Chatham House, Ellen MacArthur, The Stanley Foundation, and Shifting Paradigms

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