High-level launch of the holistic productive capacities development programme for Zambia

12 October 2023
09:00 - 17:00 hrs. (GMT+2)
, Zambia

Productive Capacities and the Implications for Graduation from the LDC Category

The event aims to discuss the policy context, rationale, and background of Zambia’s Holistic Productive Capacities Development Programme (HPCDP) together with its implications for fostering productive capacities for structural economic transformation, sustained economic growth and development. It particularly sets the context and tone on how to best make Zambia’s graduation sustainable and its growth trajectory robust and inclusive. 

The HPCDP aims at addressing the development gaps in terms of productive capacities, as identified in the National Productive Capacities Gap Assessment of Zambia. The NPCGA of Zambia used the Productive Capacities Index as an evidence-driven tool to estimate the extent of those gaps.

The Programme is designed to tap the comparative advantages of Zambia, relieve the key binding constraints to the country’s development as articulated in the NPCGA, and ensure Zambia’s graduation with momentum from the LDC category, securing the conditions for dynamics development in the post-graduation period. The aim is to exchange views on the way forward in key pillars of the Programme and its contribution to the achievement of the national developmental objectives, including those contained in the Eight National Development Plan.

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(UNCTAD/ALDC/2022/5) -  25 Nov 2022

Ministry of Finance and National Planning (Zambia)
Sponsor / funding:
UNSDG Fund China

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Mr. Mussie Delelegn
Acting Head, Productive Capacities and Sustainable Development Branch
Division for Africa, LDCs and Special Programmes