Launch of the Report on Extraterritoriality in Competition Law Enforcement

09 December 2021
15:00 - 17:00 hrs. CET
, Switzerland

Extraterritorial application of competition laws has become critical for countries to deal with increasingly prevalent transnational restrictive business practices. Private international cartels alone are expected to have extracted over $1.5 trillion globally.  

This event serves to launch the Report from the study, named “Developing Country Experience with Extraterritoriality in Competition Law”, conducted by Dr. Marek Martyniszyn in the framework of the UNCTAD Research Partnership Platform. This study looks into developing countries’ experience with the extraterritorial application of competition law and makes a significant original contribution to the existing body of knowledge by filling an important gap. It relies on contributions from 40 developing countries and economies in transition. The presentation of the study findings will be followed by sharing of country experiences from competition authorities and a panel discussion. 

This event aims to bring attention on challenges and opportunities faced by developing countries and to facilitate peer-learning between developing countries that started applying their domestic competition laws internationally. 

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27 Nov 2021

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Dr. Marek Martyniszyn, Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom
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