South-South sharing of policy experiences

14 - 15 March 2022
Palais des Nations
Online and Geneva
, Switzerland

It is widely recognized that meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is inextricably linked with the process of structural transformation. The UNCTAD project “South-South Integration and the SDGs: Enhancing Structural Transformation in Key Partner Countries of the Belt and Road Initiative” identifies key policy areas in which limitations exist in government capacity in many countries, to effectively design, manage, coordinate, implement, and evaluate strategic economic interventions that are the policy levers of structural transformation. To address this shortcoming, the project aims to draw lessons from the experiences of partner countries, with a view to assisting national capacity-building.

Purpose and objectives of the hybrid meeting

The hybrid meeting will bring together policymakers and experts from different developing countries to discuss and share their policy experiences in the different areas including macro-economics, industry and trade; digital economy and debt sustainability. Lessons that can be learned by developing countries from successful structural transformation of China will be discussed. The meeting will also share successful macro-finance policies in response to the pandemic; and policies which help digital start-ups become unicorns. The report prepared under the project, "China’s Structural Transformation: what can developing countries learn?" will be launched.

Key objectives and expected outcomes:

  • Launch the study prepared by UNCTAD entitled: "China’s Structural Transformation: What Can Developing Countries Learn?"
  • Discuss and share macroeconomic policies with respect to response to the pandemic in developing countries particularly Ethiopia, South Africa and Malaysia.
  • Discuss the policy briefs prepared by international experts on policies needed for successful structural transformation in developing countries.
  • Hold a panel discussion on sharing of policies with respect to digital start-ups


Watch event recordings

14 March [Morning]  [Afternoon]   |   15 March [Morning]  [Afternoon]


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