TrainForTrade Modern Port Management Course: Launch of Cycle 3 and Module 1 in Maldives

TrainForTrade Modern Port Management Course: Launch of Cycle 3 and Module 1 in Maldives

Malé Commercial Harbour, Maldives
Credits: Maldives Ports Limited

21 - 25 July 2024
, Maldives

The UNCTAD TrainForTrade Port Management Programme (PMP) supports port communities in developing countries in delivering more efficient and competitive port management in the future. In order to increase trade flows and foster economic development, the programme creates port networks bringing together public, private and international entities. The aim is to share knowledge and expertise between port operators and strengthen talent management and human resources development in port communities.

The PMP’s main objectives

  • Strengthen institutional capacity and management efficiency of ports and related agencies.
  • Promote port community participation and public-private partnerships.
  • Enhance the competitiveness of ports and the quality of their services.
  • Improve the environmental sustainability and social responsibility of ports.

The PMP provides technical assistance in various areas, including port planning, management and operations, logistics and supply chain management, port security, safety and environmental protection, and legal and regulatory frameworks. It also organizes training courses, workshops, and seminars, as well as conducts research and analysis on port-related issues.

Programme outline

As part of the activities of the English-speaking network of the TrainForTrade Port Management Programme (PMP), the trainees of the 3rd cycle of the port community of Malé take part in the course on Modern Port Management (280 hours). The full cycle will span a time of about two years with each of the eight one-week modules being delivered every two to three months.

At the end of the cycle, the trainees will prepare business reports consisting of case studies concerning a real problem or opportunity in their port community and providing concrete and actionable recommendations. Later, they will defend their theses in front of a jury made up of international experts who are also members of the TrainForTrade network.

National and international port experts from Ireland and UNCTAD will launch the cycle and delivery module 1 on “International Trade and Maritime Transport” to the group composed of about 20 middle managers in Malé.

Maldives Ports Limited
Sponsor / funding:
Irish Aid, Maldives Ports Limited

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