Training on accounting for MSMEs for Latin American entrepreneurs

12 - 28 July 2021

As part of the activities of the Development Account 12th Tranche Project entitled Global Initiative towards post-Covid-19 resurgence of the MSME sector, UNCTAD will conduct online training sessions for entrepreneurs on Accounting for Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in Latin America.

UNCTAD has developed the Accounting Training Manual for MSMEs based on its Accounting and Financial Reporting Guidelines for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEGA Level 3).

This initiative aims to improve financial literacy in the MSMEs and to facilitate their access to finance and financial inclusion.

The training sessions will be held over three weeks, from 17:00-20:00 (CET), on the following days:

  • Mon - 12 July

  • Wed - 14 July

  • Fri    -  16 July

  • Mon - 19 July

  • Wed - 21 July

  • Fri   -  23 July

  • Mon - 26 July

  • Wed - 28 July

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Sponsor / funding:
United Nations Development Account

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