Training workshops for women small-scale and informal cross-border traders in Kenya

08 - 20 November 2021
, Kenya

UNCTAD training workshops on Cross-border Trade Rules and Procedures, and Entrepreneurship for women small-scale and informal cross-border traders will be held at the Taveta-Holili border between the United Republic of Tanzania and Kenya. The activities are part of the Global Initiative Towards Post-COVID-19 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises sector.

The training workshops aim to raise the awareness of small scale and informal cross-border traders, particularly women, on trade rules, customs procedures, and traders' rights and obligations, as well as to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills.

Participants will include informal and small-scale cross-border traders trading at the Taveta - Holili border, government officials (customs, immigration, EAC and health authorities) from Kenya, and representatives of Cross Border Trade Associations.

The workshops will be held at the Challa Hotel in Taveta, Kenya.

The language of the workshop is Swahili and English.

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