UNCTAD-DOALOS Field Mission for Belize: An Oceans Economy and Trade Strategy for Belize

08 - 09 May 2018
, Belize


The Oceans Economy and Trade Strategy (OETS) project starts with a field mission in all beneficiary countries. During the field mission, UNCTAD's team of experts will undertake a preliminary data analysis and stakeholder mapping on the potential of ocean-based economic sectors and products. DOALOS experts will carry out the legal regulatory and governance mapping.

Belize is a country that possesses an outstanding natural coastal and marine endowment including one of the largest coral reefs in the world. The field mission would also provide an opportunity to present the project to all relevant government agencies with competence in oceans related matters, gathering relevant data and source identification, and discussing the nature and structure of key ocean-based sectors to be selected for preliminary research under the assessment/formulation phase of the OETS project.

In the case of Belize preliminary sectors selected for further research include the following:

  • Sustainable marine fisheries
  • Sustainable marine Aquaculture
  • Seafood processing
  • Marine and Coastal Tourism


Sectors selected for further researchPolicy lines in light of Belize National Development Plan (2010-2030)Links to UNCTAD draft classification of
Ocean based sectors
Sustainable marine fisheries
  • Help fishers to access new fishing techniques and increase local value added
  • Promote improved management of cooperatives and associations
  • Provide training on fisheries management in marine protected areas
  • Provide targeted incentives and concessions for fishers that would reduce fuel and equipment costs
  • Develop clear policies and standards for joint ventures with foreign entities that ensure that Belizeans make the decisions and harvest the fish
  • Support community based initiatives that encourage local enterprise development
Goods (trade data exists)
Sector A: Marine Fisheries (harvesting + trade)
Services (low probability of data)
WTO (W120)
F: Other business services 
g. Services incidental to fishing
CPC V2.1 (2015): 86153: Support services to fishing
Sustainable marine Aquaculture
Goods (production data exist):
Sector B: Aquaculture
Services (low probability of data)
CPC V2.1 (2015): 86154: Support services to aquaculture
Seafood processing
  • Help fishers to access new fishing techniques and increase local value added
  •  Assist fishers who want an alternative livelihoods to explore and plan for viable alternatives
  • Encourage fishers to  assume greater management of the industry, including self-regulation to improve standards and equity
Goods (trade data exist):
Sector C: Seafood production
Sector D. Blue BioTrade  (only those related to seafood for human consumption):
Marine and Coastal Tourism
  • Engage the tourism sector in developing solutions illegal activities
Services (there is data):
WTO (W120)
Sector F: Marine and Coastal Tourism
9. Tourism and travel related services
A. Hotels and restaurants (incl. catering) 641-643
B.  Travel agencies and tour operators services 7471
C. Tourist guides services 7472
D. Other




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Mr. David Vivas Eugui
Belize Fisheries Department
Ms. Felicia Cruz, Fisheries Officer,