Workshop on international investment agreements and investment facilitation for Egypt

13 - 14 December 2023
, Egypt

Climate imperatives and other emerging global challenges highlight the urgency of accelerating the reform of the investment treaty regime. To support reform efforts, UNCTAD developed a toolbox to turn international investment agreements (IIAs) into instruments that actively support the energy transition. Moreover, important changes in international investment governance can be observed. New-generation IIAs are increasingly embracing investment facilitation features and global tax reform limits the use of tax incentives as promotional tools. Navigating this increasingly shifting landscape of international investment policymaking requires deep expertise across a range of issue areas.

UNCTAD in cooperation with Egypt's General Authority for Investments (GAFI) organized an in-person capacity building workshop on the reform of Egypt's international investment agreements. UNCTAD representatives together with officials dealing with investment policies from Egypt discussed the latest trends in IIA reform and Egypt's recent reform actions; UNCTAD's toolbox for IIAs and the energy transition; the role of investment facilitation in attracting and retaining sustainable investment; the global minimum tax and its interplay with IIAs, including the increasing importance of investment facilitation measures in this new era of investment policymaking; and, lastly, coherence at different levels between the promotion, protection and facilitation of international investment flows into Egypt.

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IIA Issues Note, No. 2, 2023
(UNCTAD/DIAE/PCB/INF/2023/4) -  21 Aug 2023
IIA Issues Note, No. 3, 2023
(UNCTAD/DIAE/PCB/INF/2023/5) -  25 Sep 2023
IIA Issues Note, No. 4, 2023
(UNCTAD/DIAE/PCB/INF/2023/7) -  16 Nov 2023

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Mr. Hamed El-Kady