Developing Asia now invests more abroad than any other region, UNCTAD report says

18 May 2015

Countries in developing Asia have, for the first time, collectively invested more money abroad than countries in the North American and European regions, the latest UNCTAD Global Investment Trends Monitor says.

Hong Kong (China) and China were the second and the third largest investors in the world, after the United States which remains the largest single source of outward foreign direct investment (FDI). Among the 20 largest investors, nine were either from developing or transition economies.

In addition, in 2014 transnational corporations (TNCs) from developing economies alone invested almost half a trillion US dollars abroad - a 30% increase from the previous year.

This UNCTAD trends monitor analyses the most recent trends in global outward investment and assesses its prospects for 2015. It covers outward FDI trends in developed, developing and transition economies.