Latest UNCTAD Investment Policy Monitor released

26 November 2012

A significant dichotomy in national investment policymaking was observed during the review period (June-October 2012). With regard to international investment policies, the trend towards more regional international investment agreements (IIAs) continued.

The new Investment Policy Monitor finds that during the review period (June-October 2012), there was a significant dichotomy in national investment policymaking. On the one hand, some countries took partial liberalization steps in sensitive sectors, such as certain services. On the other hand, some governments strengthened their control over key domestic industries, and others took administrative decisions to restrict foreign investment for national security reasons or because it did not pass an "economic benefit" test.

International investment policymaking is characterized by three broad trends:

  1. A further move towards more regional IIAs.

  2. Increasing attention to including sustainable development features into IIAs, including into bilateral investment treaties.

  3. An intensification of the public discourse on the pros and cons of IIAs.