UNCTAD trained local instructors of its Port Training Programme

16 January 2014

UNCTAD trained 19 senior managers as local instructors of its TrainForTrade Port Training Programme. The training was organized in Manila, Philippines from 19 to 22 November, in collaboration with the Philippine Ports Authority.

To strengthen the sustainability of the TrainForTrade Port Training Programme (PTP), UNCTAD organized a coaching workshop in Manila, Philippines to train 19 senior managers as local instructors. The workshop was organized from 19 to 22 November 2013, in collaboration with Philippine Ports Authority (PPA).

Fourteen of the participants were from the Philippines (Philippine Ports Authority, Cebu Port Authority and Asian Terminals Inc.), three were from Indonesia (Indonesia Port Corporation II and III) and two were from Ghana (Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority). The workshop trained them on the content of the PTP and improved their ability to organize, deliver and assess the training activities.

Participant evaluations of the workshop and their test results confirm that the training objectives were achieved. The participants scored an average of 80 per cent on the tests, including mock course deliveries and role playing exercises. In their assessment of the training, participants evaluated the content as clear, practical and relevant, and assessed the training methodology as effective.

As certified instructors, the trained senior managers will assist UNCTAD in implementing the PTP in their own port communities. In particular, they will deliver sections of the Modern Port Management course, a key component of the programme that trains middle managers on the aspects of managing a modern port.

UNCTAD created the PTP in 1996 to help port communities in developing countries improve the efficiency of their operations. This is done through training, technical assistance and advisory services. The programme is divided into language networks (English, French, Portuguese and Spanish).

The English-speaking network of the PTP includes ports in Ghana, Indonesia, the Maldives, Namibia, the Philippines and Tanzania. Irish Aid provides financial support. Dublin Port Company, Port of Cork, Belfast Harbours Commissioners and Dragheda Port Company provide support in kind.

Port Training Programme
Participants at the TrainForTrade Port Training Programme in Manila, Philippines (19-22 November 2013)