UN Secretariat Consultants Roster

UNCTAD frequently engages national and international consultants, who are a recognized authority or specialist in a specific field, to support the organisation's programmes and projects. A consultant must have special skills or knowledge not normally possessed by the regular staff and for which there is no continuing need in the organisation.

The functions of a consultant are results-oriented and typically involve analyzing problems, carrying out studies, directing seminars or training courses, preparing documents or writing reports on the matters within their area of expertise on which their advice or assistance is sought.

Consultants are highly trained professionals with extensive experience in one of the technical/administrative fields of the Organization. Normally, an advanced university degree in a relevant field is required, together with several years of related and in-depth working experience. Fluency in at least one of the official UN languages is a requirement.

Examples of areas of expertise are: Agricultural economist, international trade economist, management information specialist, statisticians and management development specialists.

Consultancies may be home-based, or may require travel as part of the assignment. The duration of the assignments can be from a few weeks to several months.

If you are interested in being considered for employment as a consultant, please register in the Consultants Roster in the UN Careers Portal. Once registered, you can then change your profile information anytime.