GSP Handbook on the Scheme of Turkey

The Turkey's GSP came into effect on January 2002 for an indefinite period.

Turkey initiated its Generalized System of Preferences by harmonizing with the EU's GSP in the context of the Customs Union with the EU. The tariff preferences of the Turkey and EU GSP schemes are, therefore, identical. There are, however, some minor differences in rules of origin and documentary requirements.

The Handbook is intended to provide, in a consolidated and concise form, information regarding the tariff advantages and the conditions which need to be met to benefit from the Turkey's GSP scheme.

Readers can find the comprehensive information on:

  1. Product coverage and depth of tariff cuts

  2. Beneficiary countries

  3. Graduation mechanism

  4. Rules of origin

  5. Documentary requirements

While the Handbook is based on official texts, only authentic legal texts have legal value.

GSP Handbook on the Scheme of Turkey (UNCTAD/ITCD/TSB/Misc.74/Rev.1)
01 Feb 2017