UNCTAD Series on Issues in International Investment Agreements

The purpose of this glossary is to provide brief explanatorycommentaries on the main terms and concepts used in internationalinvestment agreements (IIAs). These terms and concepts have mainly alegal connotation and have been selected because they provide a broadcoverage of the principal issues that are dealt with in IIAs. Thecommentaries are based to a large extent on the papers that have beenpublished in the UNCTAD Series on Issues in International InvestmentAgreements and reference to such papers is made whenever appropriate.

Each entry provides a short definition of the term, followed byexamples of relevant provisions in IIAs. To allow for additionalinformation on specific topics, each entry has been complemented byreferences to related publications for further reading. A list explainingfrequently used abbreviations precedes the text, whereas a listing ofIIAs can be found at the end of the paper. An index at the end of thepaper is meant to facilitate the use of this glossary.

30 Apr 2004