National Trade Facilitation Committees in the quest for sustainability

Transport and Trade Facilitation Series No. 19

This report provides an update to previous UNCTAD studies on NTFCs published in recent years.

With a sample 2.5 times larger than those used in previous studies, this study is the most extensive and inclusive NTFC publication ever made.

It benefits from data from more than 130 countries, representing all continents and levels of development.

The study introduces UNCTAD’s novel Sustainability Score for National Trade Facilitation Committees.

This Score aims at assessing the sustainability prospects of National Trade Facilitation Committees by identifying a range of key factors contributing to the daily operations of the National Trade Facilitation Committees.

Based on the relevance of these factors for the Committee’s capacity to be functional, the Sustainability Score provides an indication for the national committee’s prospects to be sustainable.

As such, the Score focuses on the prerequisites for setting up and operating an efficient and sustainable NTFC.

National Trade Facilitation Committees in the quest for sustainability - Transport and Trade Facilitation Series No. 19  (UNCTAD/DTL/TLB/2022/2)
8 Nov 2022