Transnational Corporations Volume 25, 2018, Number 1

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Stephen R. Buzdugan and Heinz Tüselmann - Making the most of FDI for development: “new” industrial policy and FDI deepening for industrial upgrading

Margaret Fletcher, Pavlos Dimitratos and Stephen Young - How can academic-policy collaboration be more effective? A stewardship approach to engaged scholarship in the case of SME internationalization

Kevin I.N. Ibeh - Why do African multinationals invest outside their home region? Should they?

Edward Gilmore, Ulf Andersson and Noushan Memar - How subsidiaries influence innovation in the MNE value chain


Bruno Casella and Lorenzo Formenti - FDI in the digital economy: a shift to asset-light international footprints


Helena Forsman - Navigating Global Business: A Cultural Compass by Simcha Ronen and Oded Shenkar