UNCTAD Framework for Sustainable Freight Transport (SFT Framework)

A step-by-step methodology and practical tools to support sound sustainable freight transport decision-making processes.

UNCTAD’s Framework for Sustainable Freight Transport (UNCTAD SFT Framework) aims to build and strengthen the knowledge, skills, and capacity of relevant freight transport stakeholders interested in advancing the sustainable freight transport agenda.

It features a modular step-by-step methodology that details how to plan, design, develop and implement tailored sustainable freight transport strategies.

In addition, the UNCTAD SFT Framework offers guidance and practical tools to help relevant stakeholders and decision makers, from both the public and the private sector, take adequate response measures that promote sustainable freight transport systems.

The main tools include the Self-Assessment Questionnaire, filterable and extensive list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and, the catalogue containing over 300 Sustainable Freight Transport Measures.

With many players being involved in regulating, developing, implementing, managing, operating, and maintaining freight transport infrastructure and services, the target audience spans all relevant stakeholders from within and outside the freight transport sector.

These include government authorities, policy makers, city planners, freight transport and logistics service providers (e.g. shipping carriers and logistics firms), users (e.g. shippers, traders, supply chain managers, etc.), infrastructure developers, managers and operators, as well as investors and financial institutions.

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