Vanuatu Virgin Coconut Oil Export Guide

Green exports to foster sustainable development

The purpose of this Export Guide is to provide producers and exporters of virgin coconut oil (VCO) in Vanuatu with information on the requirements and procedures to be followed to meet the regulations of main importing countries.

Additionally, it seeks to open increased opportunities for exporting virgin coconut oil to sustainability-oriented markets.

The report aims to:

  1. Increasing awareness among existent and potential coconut oil exporters regarding minimum requirements expected.

  2. Strengthening and improving internal logistical and supply network for facilitating virgin coconut oil production, transportation and export.

  3. Revitalizing the country’s coconut industry through increased export of quality virgin coconut oil.

The Export Guide is structured so that the reader and potential exporter of virgin coconut oil can acquire knowledge on:

  • Where to search for potential VCO markets.

  • The various steps necessary for accessing VCO markets, including the expected quality the market may demand of the products to be exported.

  • The various documents that will be required in order to export.

Vanuatu Virgin Coconut Oil Export Guide - Green exports to foster sustainable development  (UNCTAD/TCS/DITC/INF/2023/7)
4 Oct 2023