The Square for Global Goals

Accelerating purpose-driven start-ups for impact

The Square for Global Goals - Photo credits: Social Development Bank, Saudi Arabia.

Start-ups are drivers of economic growth and innovation. Impact-oriented, they can address social, economic and environmental needs and create more jobs than any other employment initiative. Yet, 90% of them fail most of all due to lack of finance and poor product-market fit.

Empretec Global Network’s new initiative The Square for Global Goals connects start-up founders and CEOs from emerging economies to engage with peers, trainers, mentors, investors and industry experts through its network of over 40 EMPRETEC business development centers.

As a global learning and scaling tool, The Square empowers entrepreneurs with key tools, knowledge, and strategic connections needed to expedite their path to growth, ultimately delivering a transformative impact in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.


UNCTAD has so far supported over 300 start-up entrepreneurs from over 30 countries.




We promote the development of innovative ventures and provide them with tools to train, strategically link and develop efficient and innovative management tools.

All of this is not possible without a global scale vision, so it is fundamental and strategic to have tools like the Square for Global Goals that provides real value to the centre and to the startups we accompany, opening the doors to the world and opportunities to access global tools.

Carla Goglia
Director of Empretec Argentina


The Square is an incredible initiative that enables Ethiopian tech startups to access mentoring and networking opportunities and thereby increase the visibility of the Ethiopian start-up ecosystem.

Hassen Hussein
Director of Empretec Ethiopia

Participants in The Square get access to:

  • A global learning and networking platform on LinkedIn
  • Business development services at the nearest Empretec centre
  • Unique set of workshops on entrepreneurship development
  • International and national mentors and advisors
  • Workshops
  • Study tours



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