Business Facilitation Programme

UNCTAD's business facilitation programme is a digital government platform that helps governments use technology to simplify and automate public administration.

Our tools make it easier to:

  • Create businesses
  • Obtain import and export licenses
  • Make social security contributions
  • Pay taxes
  • Access Covid rescue packages
  • Process work and residence permits


Our tools benefit:

  • Entrepreneurs, particularly women and young people.
  • Businesses needing to operate and trade
  • Governments seeking to consolidate their revenue base
  • Administrations seeking to improve efficiency and move away from paper-based systems


Our verified impact includes:

  • Increased MSME growth
  • More women and youth entrepreneurs
  • Faster and more efficient administrations
  • Reduced corruption
  • Lower business costs
  • Improved business environment




Online information portals that enable the mapping and simplification of enterprise registration, licensing and other procedures relating to investment and enterprise operations.

Trade Information Portals

Trade Portals

Online information portals that enable the mapping and simplification of import and export procedures.



Online single windows that automate and speed up operations such as enterprise creation and registration, obtaining of licenses and permits, payment of taxes and social security.

MSME account

MSME Account

Online single windows, which in addition to e-registrations enable enterprises to automatically generate tax, social security and related filings based on an integrated accounting tool.

Global Enterprise Registration (

Global enterprise registration

A global website evaluating information portals and online single windows relating to enterprise registration.