Advisory services and legal assistance for trade facilitation

Trade facilitation legal services


Undertaking trade facilitation reforms can involve complex regulatory changes, resulting in an overwhelming experience for policymakers in developing countries. For this reason, UNCTAD has designed a program to accompany the countries during the process, finding solutions adapted to their needs.

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Components of the programme:

Strategic planning of Trade Facilitation reforms

  • Advising countries in the design and sequence of trade facilitation reforms based on demands and available resources
  • Driving a Stakeholder analysis of the needs and strengths
  • Aligning trade facilitation strategies with the country’s development plan and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Supporting advocacy of trade facilitation reforms

Legal Gap Analysis

  • Conducting a thorough legal assessment of existing gaps or potential barriers to the implementation of trade facilitation reforms
  • Ensuring that critical regulation is in place for optimal implementation of digital trade facilitation measures such as the Single Window for Trade

Building an enabling legal framework

  • Identifying the type of legal instrument required i.e.: Law, Decree, Regulation, Act, Procedural guidelines (adapted to the legal system of each country)
  • Bringing best practices and lessons learnt from other experiences, and adapting them to the country’s needs.
  • Guiding national legal teams in the drafting process of new regulations or amendments
  • Supporting the approval process before Parliaments, when applicable.

Facilitating change management

  • Coordinating legal reforms with stakeholders from the public and private sectors represented in the Trade Facilitation Committee
  • Raising awareness of the new or amended legal framework
  • Supporting the negotiation and drafting Memorandum of Understanding among agencies
  • Delivering capacity building to government officials on the new requirements

Technical Assistance and Capacity Building

  • Policy, strategic and legal advice on trade facilitation reforms at the national and regional levels
  • Elaboration of trade facilitation need assessment, roadmaps, implementation plans, etc.
  • Assistance with the ratification, categorization, and notification of trade facilitation obligations
  • Development of project proposals
  • Implementation support and advice
  • Customs and Trade automation and digitalization
  • Advisory services and support in all fields of trade logistics, including trade, transit, and transport
  • Focus on new issues like gender, climate change smart solutions
  • Answering queries during the implementation process of trade facilitation reforms
  • Providing best practices and lessons learnt from similar experiences


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