Repositories of measures on cross-border movement of goods and persons

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating major disruptions in global logistics and supply chains and in some cases preventing urgent emergency deliveries to reach destinations in time. The pandemic has compelled countries to urgently respond with measures that may affect the delivery of supplies. 

UNCTAD’s trade facilitation work focuses on making cross-border trade simpler and more efficient. In the context of the present crisis, transparency of countries' COVID-19 response measures affecting flows of goods and accompanying transport personnel crossing borders is paramount in ensuring that global supply chains can operate with as much predictability as possible.

UNCTAD is pleased to provide the following non-exhaustive list of links to available online resources from international organizations and industry groups that provides up-to date information about the ongoing developments in various countries and also provides an overview of the multitude of measures of countries' COVID-19 measures responses.

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