The UNCTAD Trade and Development Report.

The 2019 flagship Trade and Development report of the Globalization and Development Strategies Division provides a discussion on how a Global Green New Deal could be financed, including ways forward on how sovereign debt could be made to work again for development.

Launched in 1981, the Trade and Development Report (TDR) was UNCTAD’s only flagship report for many years. Joined later on by other flagship reports on specialized topics, the TDR has remained UNCTAD’s lead report on global economic trends and developmental prospects within a changing global economy.​

The latest Trade and Development Reports (2017 to 2019) form a ‘trilogy’ that highlights the need for a Global Green New Deal to address the shortcomings of rentier capitalism post the global financial crisis. The ‘trilogy’ focuses on the requirements of structural transformation in developing countries and their interactions with new technological developments, rising inequalities, increasing global debt, shifting power balances at firm and nation- and gender levels, and global macroeconomic policy and institutional debates.