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Aggregate Concentration: An Empirical Study of Competition Law Solutions
by Michal S. Gal and Thomas Cheng

This article was first published in the Journal of Antitrust Enforcement (September 2016)



Book by SharmaKK

Market & Competition Authorities: Good Agency Principles
by Annetje Ottow, Professor of Public Economic Law, University of Utrecht, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance

  • Defines central agency principles and best practice applicable to economic agencies worldwide

  • Examines the operational principles and structural and organisational aspects of competition enforcement

  • Combines inside practical expertise with theoretical knowledge

The book can be purchased from Oxford University Press


Book by SharmaKK

Competition Commission Cases: A Compendium of CCI Cases from 2009 to 2014
by K.K.Sharma

Awareness in Competition Law has increased in the recent years especially in the wake of imposition of heavy fines and penalties on big companies to prevent practices having adverse effect on competition, and to ensure freedom of trade. As a result, there is a need to know more about the subject as well as the institution responsible for its enforcement, and its development.

This easy to use compendium presents cases decided by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) in a novel tabular format.


DERECHOS FUNDAMENTALES Y INTERESES DIFUSOS: Inviolabilidad de Comunicaciones Telefónicas y Principio de la Libre Competencia – Una Perspectiva legal y jurisprudencial desde Brasil
para Fernando M. Furlan

El trabajo analiza la cuestión de aceptar la grabación telefónica como prueba de la infracción de agentes económicos y sus representantes por la práctica ilegal de cártel y otras conductas contrarias a la competencia. El texto investiga si los derechos y garantías individuales, como la inviolabilidad de las comunicaciones y de la privacidad, tienen o no carácter absoluto.

Los princípios de la coexistencia de las libertades y de la proporcionalidade, así como la técnica de la ponderación de derechos, bajo el manto de la concordancia práctica o armonización y el ejercicio regular de derecho, son detalladamente estudiados.

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Book by Benöh

EU Consumer Law and Human Rights
by I. Benöhr

This book provides the first comprehensive analysis of these developments and examines new avenues that may be opening for consumer law, focusing on three key areas: financial services, electronic communication and access to justice. Through a systematic analysis of relevant cases, the book traces the development of a human rights dimension in consumer law and details the ramifications that the post-Lisbon legal framework may have on consumer protection and policy.

The book concludes by proposing new directions in consumer law, striking a compromise between social and economic demands.

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