Trade, Migration and Development
Trade, migration and developmen  

Translating the multidimensional trade-migration-development nexus in benefits for developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

Trade and migration are related to development in many ways:

  • Trade works for migration. Trade and the trading system provide tools for better migration governance, promoting the recognition of qualifications and other initiatives that reduce the costs of labour migration and promote ethical recruitment.

  • Migration works for the economy and trade of countries of destination, transit and origin. Temporary trade-related labour mobility has important benefits as it reduces the incentives for irregular migration and promotes brain circulation instead of brain drain. Trade flows can be enhanced by leveraging diaspora networks to circumvent trade barriers and reduce trade-related transaction costs.

  • Infrastructure services work for trade and migration. ICT-enabled trade has the potential to reduce some barriers to trade in services, including through the movement of people. Financial inclusion is also relevant as financial services may contribute to facilitated, speedier, safer and less costly remittance flows, and to maximize their developmental impact.

We provide analyses, policy options and platforms for countries to build consensus on how to maximise development benefits from the linkages between trade and migration.

Our objectives:

Enhancing understanding on benefits of migrants and migration to trade, trading system and services, and vice-versa, in both origin and destination countries.

  • Providing tools that enable contributions to the intergovernmental negotiations of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.

  • Identifying coherent policy approaches to harvest benefits from the trade-migration-development nexus and, in particular, to mainstream global frameworks into national best-fit trade and services policy frameworks.

Our focus areas include:

  • Trade, the trading system and migration.

  • Services economy and trade and migration.

  • Financial inclusion, digital financial services and migrant's remittances.


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